Welcome To Fully Alive Family Chiropractic!

Front Doors

Please pause and think of something you are thankful for each time you enter our office.

New Patient Board

With the permission of our new patients, we add the names of newcomers and those referred to the office on the New Patient Board. It’s a great way to recognize our new patients.

Giraffy Adjusting Table!



Many of our children and toddlers choose to get adjusted on Giraffy, our giraffe adjustment table. He makes getting adjusted even more fun!

 Kids Play Area

We also have our kids corner, with toys, coloring books, and our tree displaying all of the names of our Fully Alive family!

Water and Tea

We offer all of our patients water and tea before or after their appointment! 

Prayer Corner

If you have a prayer request, write it in our prayer journal and Dr. Tara will pray for you or your loved one.


The main event! Our special, open adjustatorium plan allows for natural light and shared healing and learning among our patients! Without closed doors, the energy flows through our space and encourages a healthy environment of community. We have a special table that can be raised or lowered for patients who require assistance. It also has special features to accommodate our expecting mothers.
Examination Room
This larger examination room has seating for families and is where your first exam will take place with state-of-the-art technology that measures the function of your nervous system.

 Report Room

In our report room, Dr. Tara will share with you the results of your new patient exam, discuss how she may be able to help you, and what your journey of chiropractic care may look like. 

Our biggest goal here at Fully Alive is to educate you so you can make the smartest choices for you and your family. Our report room features a lot of literature we encourage you to look over, and if you see something you think may benefit someone you know, we invite you to take a copy with you and share it with them! 

Full Potential Club

On our Full Potential Club wall, we celebrate those fortunate enough to be adjusted within six days of their birth. Their nervous systems have had the first traumatic nervous system injury at birth corrected IMMEDIATELY! These individuals have the potential to have subluxation-free nervous systems so their bodies are working their best! 

Bulletin Board

Our bulletin board has information about all of our exciting upcoming events as well as some interesting facts and educational materials. Please be sure to look it over when you come in!

Special Events!

Every June here at Fully Alive is KIDS MONTH! Each Wellness Wednesday we celebrate a different, themed Kids Day! In the past we have held Chiro Kids Glow With Energy Day (complete with blacklight and glowstick fun), Chiro Kids Are Flexible Day (where kids are invited to try some yoga poses and karate moves), Chiro Kids Rise Above the Rest (in which the office is full of helium balloons) and many more! See some pictures of the office all decorated for FUN below!