Meet Dr. Tara Scharich, D.C.

"As a family chiropractor, I am blessed to work with people of all ages, both sick and well. It is my goal to help, coach, and inspire everyone who walks through our doors."

Dr. Tara Scharich is a fifth generation chiropractor, born and raised with the chiropractic philosophy of health. As a college student, Dr. Tara moved to the United States from Manitoba, Canada to earn her Bachelor of Science degree at Michigan Tech, where she also met her future husband. She furthered her education at Palmer College of Chiropractic in Davenport, IA where she earned her Doctoral Degree.

During her time at Palmer College, Dr. Scharich took a specific interest in pediatric chiropractic. These studies inspired her to open a Chiropractic office that focuses on family care--supporting strong and healthy lifestyles for both adults and children. If you ever have an end-of-the-day appointment, it is likely you will bump into her husband (Dave), and children (David, Gabby, and Joshua), as they come in for their weekly wellness adjustments.

Meet Our Staff

Our staff has been inspiring and encouraging our patients to continually improve their own health and the health of their family through regular chiropractic care.  We are committed to promoting health throughout Southwest Michigan.


After listening to Dr. Tara's Tuesday evening Health Talk, I really got it: Chiropractic care benefits everyone and helps us live life to the fullest!  Everyday is a great day for Chiropractic!”

Suzanne is our Patient Advocate and proud team member of Fully Alive Family Chiropractic.  She came to this job in the fall of 2008 with a common misunderstanding of chiropractic’s purpose in our community and in our world. She believed, as many of you still may, that people who seek care from a chiropractor are always in great pain. Now she is sure to schedule her husband, herself and her two children for adjustments every week and marvels at the impact of chiropractic in each of their lives. She enjoys watching new patients experience this “lightbulb” moment and take proactive roles in their own health, and then observing the benefits and miracles that follow. She encourages everyone to bring in their families and experience this higher quality of life and looks forward to meeting you soon!


"Chiropractic gives you the best shot at living life at your fullest potential."

Melanie is our Front Desk Chiropractic Assistant who will greet you with a smile as you walk through the doors here at Fully Alive! She graduated from Grand Valley State University with a Bachelor of Science in Health Professions and a minor in Women & Gender Studies. Melanie hopes to inspire individuals to achieve health naturally while emphasizing the importance of maintaining a healthy nervous system with regular chiropractic care. She has a true passion for learning and teaching and desires to advocate for individuals and families who are looking for true health. 


"Chiropractic has shown me a new perspective on life and how to live it to the fullest."

Leah is our afternoon Front Desk Assistant and Tech Assistant.  She is a high school senior who loves participating in theater productions, both onstage and backstage, enjoys TV shows and movies from the 60's and 70's, and currently holds a green belt in Isshinryu Karate!  Leah is also a superfan of the British Royal family and is thinking of studying kinesiology or exercise science in college next year.